Photoseries “50 years Seibel und Weyer”- Part 8: Further moves

1024 475 Seibel und Weyer

Today’s picture shows the fleet of cars at our former headquarters in the Hiberniastraße. In 1980 Lothar Seibel and Manfred Weyer already looked for a new headquarters because the recent location at the mine Moltke became too small. The volume of orders simply could not be handled adequately anymore. For example, the trucks had to be loaded on the road. That is why the founders of the company bought a property that was 8,000 sqm big. With hindsight, they judged this purchase as insane. After another move to our recent headquarters in the Weusterstraße, we enlarged our property to 34,000 sqm. All in all, both moves requested a strenuous effort because the customer orders were treated preferentially although we tried to do as much in-house effort as possible.