RAPID. Grosse Ledder

Precision has nothing to do with slowness. But with competence.

Even if everything goes fast, it will still be just as good. Two half-timbered buildings in the Bergische Land region – in between snow-covered, frozen ground. That is where the architecturally significant restaurant expansion of the seminar hotel Grosse Ledder, belonging to Bayer, is supposed to be standing – within only 140 days. The impossible can only work due to the fact that Seibel und Weyer coordinates the many participating crafts together with the project managers at Bayer. And there is trust involved: the client knows his partner’s precision and teamwork.

Right on time for the opening night of the new restaurant, the ensemble of old buildings and the state-of-the-art connecting structure shine like a gem with dark precious woods, leather-upholstered cassettes and deep club chairs. A transparent dining room with matt oak panels and ingenious drywall constructions. Even the baths already gleam with noble, perfectly fitting installations. High quality in such a short period of time is solely possible because the planning mixes well with the enthusiasm for a project. This is not to be taken for granted, but it enables a lot.


What do we work with? With everything that improves your project.

Sustainable solutions are the mixture of vision and reality. A monolithic concrete counter is the eye-catcher of the “Ideas Embassy” – the head office of Grey, a leading advertising agency, located in Duesseldorf. The matt sculpture of cast concrete stands for a project, in which a broad spectrum of innovative handling of material was requested from Seibel und Weyer.

For futuristic lounges in a mix of wood, metal and felt, sliding doors made of high-grade black steel and broadly dimensioned conference and common areas.

The concrete counter – not the first, but the most spectacular concrete blueprint of the interior designers – was, after all, a static masterpiece. Each single segment as heavy as a small car, the weight of the counter challenged the bearing capacity of the floor. While the flatbed truck was still waiting outside, a specifically made foundation for the massive furniture was added by Seibel und Weyer.

At the end of the day there was no problem any more, but only a solution that could already be spotted in numerous architectural journals and was honoured with the red dot design award.


We know what we are doing. Because we know what you are doing.

Here, prototypes go into production. The scent of bread fills the production hall of Seibel und Weyer. All around there are machines, neatly stacked materials and in the middle of all this – in a warmly lit display cabinet – a choice of freshly baked goods. The clientele of this bakery in unusual surroundings is critical: is the angle of light, which shines on the croissants, appropriate? Does the interior stand the test of thousands of customers a day?

The adjustment of the perfect counter height – precision work by the millimetre. CEO, sales manager, designers and technicians check the tiniest details, that will later have to function in a perfect manner, on a day-to-day basis. Due to the fact that Seibel und Weyer works in a solution-oriented manner, the customer does not turn into a tester of prototypes, but instead receives a product suitable for everyday use – with the opening day. As in this case: a Kamps subsidiary, one of thousands of Kamps bakeries, which has been built by Seibel und Weyer for sites all over Germany.

Design: soda
Photography: Heiko Seibel Fotografie

ERGONOMIC. Medical Practice.

We make mistakes during the final rehearsal.

So that the premiere will be a success.

Ergonomics is the result of details. Design demand and functionality should go hand in hand. In a medical practice, the significance of fast and self-evident work processes is particularly important. In the end, the implicitness of manual actions serves the patient.

It is the little things that make the difference: the container for disposable syringes or the hand basin – installed in the right place, a real time saver.

Seibel und Weyer regards itself as intermediary between interior designer and doctor. In short workshops, routines are inquired and put on a list of individual needs, in order to be eventually integrated into the ergonomics of the design. At the same time, the intelligent handling of the budget leads to ideal creative solutions with fine materials: back-painted glass, leathered details and mosaic tiles of handicraft quality.

Design: Annette Drosdeck, medi[a]rchitektur
Photography: Heiko Seibel Fotografie