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Young Ticket Plus
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8 of 11 new apprentices love their Young Ticket Plus which allows them to go by bus or train for free- it doesn’t matter if they are traveling on business…

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Company bike leasing
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Since 2017 our employees have the opportunity to lease a bike with fiscal advantages. #SeibelundWeyer #Bottrop #joiner #metalworker #bike #leasing #mountainbike #sport #jobrad

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Have a great and colourful beginning of autumn! #SeibelundWeyer #Bottrop #joiner #metalworker #welcome #pumpkin #flowes #autumn #details #inspiration

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Employee break room
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Enjoy your break and relax! Use our water dispensers for free. #SeibelundWeyer #Bottrop #stayhealthy #kitchen #work #coffee #drink #wood #relax #work

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First day of apprenticeship
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What an exciting day- not only for the apprentices 😁 Dear new apprentices, have a great time at Seibel und Weyer and also have a lot of success!🙂

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Journeyman’s examination 2019
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Congratulations to our graduates! We are proud of you!🥳 In memory of their apprenticeship they all got an individualized folding rule. 😊

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Journeyman’s piece 2019
1024 658 Seibel und Weyer

New year, new luck! As every year, our apprentices in their third year of apprenticeship build their journeyman’s pieces. 🛠 We want to give you an impression of two current processing statuses.🧐…

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ELE-Interview with Jens Weyer
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Today we link an interview with our managing director Jens Weyer led by  ELE / Emscher Lippe Energie.  Don’t forget to check out the video in this article 🎥😊 ➡️ Photo: Marcel…

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Water dispenser at Seibel und Weyer
1024 849 Seibel und Weyer

Recently our offices and production hall are equipped with free water dispensers. Therefore, every employee is given a Seibel und Weyer-bottle that should not be missing for water filling. Cheers!         

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Support of young skilled employee
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Latest insights into our talent contest…. Already looks very professional 😍

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