We make mistakes during the final rehearsal.

So that the premiere will be a success.

Ergonomics is the result of details. Design demand and functionality should go hand in hand. In a medical practice, the significance of fast and self-evident work processes is particularly important. In the end, the implicitness of manual actions serves the patient. 

It is the little things that make the difference: the container for disposable syringes or the hand basin – installed in the right place, a real time saver. 

Seibel und Weyer regards itself as intermediary between interior designer and doctor. In short workshops, routines are inquired and put on a list of individual needs, in order to be eventually integrated into the ergonomics of the design. At the same time, the intelligent handling of the budget leads to ideal creative solutions with fine materials: back-painted glass, leathered details and mosaic tiles of handicraft quality.