We know what we are doing. Because we know what you are doing.

Here, prototypes go into production. The scent of bread fills the production hall of Seibel und Weyer. All around there are machines, neatly stacked materials and in the middle of all this – in a warmly lit display cabinet – a choice of freshly baked goods. The clientele of this bakery in unusual surroundings is critical: is the angle of light, which shines on the croissants, appropriate? Does the interior stand the test of thousands of customers a day? 

The adjustment of the perfect counter height – precision work by the millimetre. CEO, sales manager, designers and technicians check the tiniest details, that will later have to function in a perfect manner, on a day-to-day basis. Due to the fact that Seibel und Weyer works in a solution-oriented manner, the customer does not turn into a tester of prototypes, but instead receives a product suitable for everyday use – with the opening day. As in this case: a Kamps subsidiary, one of thousands of Kamps bakeries, which has been built by Seibel und Weyer for sites all over Germany. 

Design: soda
Photography: Heiko Seibel Fotografie