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Sustainable solutions are the mixture of vision and reality. A monolithic concrete counter is the eye-catcher of the “Ideas Embassy” – the head office of Grey, a leading advertising agency, located in Duesseldorf. The matt sculpture of cast concrete stands for a project, in which a broad spectrum of innovative handling of material was requested from Seibel und Weyer.

For futuristic lounges in a mix of wood, metal and felt, sliding doors made of high-grade black steel and broadly dimensioned conference and common areas. 

The concrete counter – not the first, but the most spectacular concrete blueprint of the interior designers – was, after all, a static masterpiece. Each single segment as heavy as a small car, the weight of the counter challenged the bearing capacity of the floor. While the flatbed truck was still waiting outside, a specifically made foundation for the massive furniture was added by Seibel und Weyer. 

At the end of the day there was no problem any more, but only a solution that could already be spotted in numerous architectural journals and was honoured with the red dot design award.