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Levels of difficulty sometimes have an angle of more than 90 degrees. Deichmann is a big player in Germany's city centres, in Great Britain the company is now also on its way to a dense network of branches. In 2009 Deichmann had 35 stores on the island – about time to set a mark with a flagship store in London. With a new visual concept in a wide open space. Designed completely in glass, it opens up towards the mall: with a frameless window construction, held by fine point fixings made of stainless steel. 

The technically challenging task is at the same time logistically demanding, for the shopping mall is fully operational long since. The craftsmen of Seibel und Weyer are compelled to work night shifts: they start when the centre closes at 10:00 pm and have to be gone by the time the first cleaning crews arrive at dawn. With no freight elevator on site, giant glass plates have to be heaved up to the first floor and shortly before completion the assignment turns into a thriller. Stainless steel elements from Southern Germany are requested and are at night being brought to Calais for delivery by courier. The opening took place on time – that goes without saying.