Seibel und Weyer

Journeyman’s piece 2019
1024 658 Seibel und Weyer

New year, new luck! As every year, our apprentices in their third year of apprenticeship build their journeyman’s pieces. 🛠 We want to give you an impression of two current processing statuses.🧐…

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ELE-Interview with Jens Weyer
960 640 Seibel und Weyer

Today we link an interview with our managing director Jens Weyer led by  ELE / Emscher Lippe Energie.  Don’t forget to check out the video in this article 🎥😊 ➡️ Photo: Marcel…

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Water dispenser at Seibel und Weyer
1024 849 Seibel und Weyer

Recently our offices and production hall are equipped with free water dispensers. Therefore, every employee is given a Seibel und Weyer-bottle that should not be missing for water filling. Cheers!         

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Support of young skilled employee
1024 777 Seibel und Weyer

Latest insights into our talent contest…. Already looks very professional 😍

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Seibel und Weyer – candy
1024 593 Seibel und Weyer

Our brand-new Seibel und Weyer- candy just arrived! 🍬🍭   You can already look forward to upcoming apprenticeship-expositions! It’s your chance to try them 😉

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Girls’ Day 2019
1024 768 Seibel und Weyer

As in recent years we made great experiences with the Girls’ Day, a day to reduce gender-based prejudices. Our girls gained insights into the areas of responsibility of joiners and fitters. Hopefully,…

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Easter is comming!🐰
768 1024 Seibel und Weyer

For this reason lots of easter bunnies visited our company! 😃  Full of pleasant anticipation for easter every employee received one of them😊

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We had a barbecue!
768 1024 Seibel und Weyer

Today we had a delicious barbecue beacause an employee goes into retirement and we wanted to say goodbye 🙂

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New collaboration with Gustav-Heinemann-Realschule in Bottrop
1024 683 Seibel und Weyer

A few days ago we gained a secondary school, the Gustav-Heinemann-Realschule, as a co-operation partner. This school sets a high value on supporting their students according to their choice of occupation. Therefore we acceded…

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Photoseries „50 years Seibel und Weyer“- Part 9: current state
1024 475 Seibel und Weyer

With today’s photo we arrived at the end of our short time travel. Since our founding in 1968, the original two-man-business has undergone through periods of growth, generational chance, relocations…

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